Do we offer free estimates?

Yes, we offer free residential and commercial estimates and bids!

How quick can we get mirrors and shower doors installed once you have measured?

Typically we can install mirrors within 2 days after measuring, framed shower doors we can install within 2 days as well. If there needs to be a rush then we can install within 24 hours. If the shower door is frameless, lead time is typically 5 working days. This can vary depending on which day of the week it is ordered as our glass shipments come in on Tuesday and Thursday.

What’s different about your shower doors from your competitors?

We have installed Alumax brand shower doors ever since we started Faus Glass, I have had many salesmen show me other brands out there and I have yet to see another brand that will compare with Alumax. Alumax’s aluminum extrusions have a thicker frame than any other I have seen.

What’s our warranty?

Our mirrors carry a lifetime warranty against desilvering and our framed shower doors carry a 10 year parts warranty. All products carry a 1 year installation warranty.

Do you have a showroom?

Currently we do not have a showroom. All most everything we do can be seen online at our supplier’s websites. We can provide brochures and samples on request.

Will we offer custom fabrication for mirrors and glass?

Yes, we do many different kinds of custom mirrors and glass installations.

Can we provide references on previous jobs?

Yes we can provide references on request. Please look at the bottom of the About Us page on our website for an immediate list.

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