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We are forwarding you a brief history of Faus Glass, Inc., contact Info. , our areas of expertise, jobs completed, and references.  We look forward to providing your company with future bids – thank you for considering Faus Glass, Inc. for future jobs. Faus Glass is a family-owned and operated glass fabricating company. Since 1991, we’ve provided commercial and residential custom cut glass products to all of Utah and Nevada residents. We work with architects, contractors, homeowners, and business owners to create stunning glass designs. At Faus, we create consistently reliable products, we believe that’s why we have customers dispersed throughout the west. No matter where they are, or what they do; we treat them all with the respect they deserve. Customer service comes first at Faus. We enjoy working with our clients to produce the finest results possible. Our glaziers combine years of experience with their client’s requests to craft everything from high-rise windows to custom mirrors. We take pride in our Southern Utah roots as we continue to expand through the intermountain west region.

We have over 70 years of combined experience between owners, and employees. We work tightly with our vendors that if we do not have an answer, we can lean on them to create the perfect design for your home, office, or retail space

Meet Our Certified Glass Techs

Jeff Fawcett

President & CEO

I was raised in the glass industry from the day I was born. My Dad’s first glass shop was right across the street from the elementary school I attended from kindergarten to 6th grade, so I spent a lot of my time across the street at the shop watching and learning the glass trade. When I got to junior high school and high school I worked for my dad after school and over the summer break until I decided to go to college for electronics engineering. After graduating in Salt Lake, I moved to Tucson Arizona and got a good job with the electronics firm Burr – Brown for 2 years, during this time, my first son Alex was born. After 2 years a job vacancy came up at a computer manufacturing company in St. George (Everex Computers) so I applied and after my interview I got the call that they wanted me to come work for them. After I finished my 2 weeks’ notice we packed up and moved back to St. George. I worked for 1 ½ years there before a downturn in the economy forced Everex to a big layoff, during this time my second son Cameron was born. After getting laid off I got an interview with a software development company in Las Vegas, and they informed me that they wanted to hire me. After talking with my dad, he said that he wanted us to stay in St. George and that he wanted to start a new glass company and wanted me to help him run it. After thinking it all over I decided I wanted to be in St. George and close to my family. That was October of 1990. The rest is history. We filed an LLC for Faus Discount Glass on January 2nd, 1991. For the next 5 years we went by this name until 1996 when we incorporated under the name Faus Glass, Inc. For the first 10 years it was just me and dad doing all the work out of the 3-bay garage in the back lot behind my dad’s house. My mom and dad decided to get a divorce not long after our 10th year and dad decided he wanted to get out of the glass business, so I made the agreement to pay each of them a monthly dividend until the day that they died. Since then, I went from having 1 employee to now having 13. My sons have honored that agreement and my parents signed over their shares to both equally. We also agreed to send Alex and Cameron to college to get their degrees in business management for the betterment of the company.

Cameron Fawcett

VP of Commerical Division

My name is Cameron Fawcett, youngest son of Jeff Fawcett. I have been raised around the glass industry my whole life. Born in 1990 I have been alongside the company and have watched my father turn it into what it is today. I joined the company in 2012 after graduating high school in 2009 and attending college. I had first set out to enter the medical field but switched majors and got a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Dixie State University. I am now the VP of Commercial Operations. I enjoy working with my team and tackling the challenges that come our way. I enjoy all aspects of the glazing industry; but I really enjoy the commercial side. I love to see a plan evolve from an idea on a set of plans into a structure that someone will love. I strive to work as hard as my father and continue to grow this business for the many years to come.

Alex Fawcett

VP of Residental Division

Since I was little, I knew I would be involved with the family business that my father started 30 years ago. I wanted to be just like him and figured if my dad does glass then I want to do glass. I started full-time working for Faus Glass immediately after high school in June 2007. Throughout the years, I’ve really gained an appreciation for how technical and functional glass can be, whether it’s a simple piece of clear cabinet glass or a complex stair railing system with varying angles and dimensions. I’m very knowledgeable in both commercial and residential glazing, but I particularly enjoy working on the Residential side of things. My favorite thing about my position is meeting new customers and having the opportunity to help them with their glazing needs. Its’ fun to watch a customer’s vision come to life and know that I had a part in making that happen.

Faus Glass

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